Social Media grows in importance on Google algorithm!

It is a known fact that Social Media is growing in importance on search trends. We were looking at one of our clients’ Woo Rank profile and realized the level to which this importance has grown.

Look at the Social Impact column on top – according to Woo Rank, it is the only column which says ‘High Impact’. Most of the other ones have either a Medium or a Low Impact. However, if you’re looking to get your site ahead on search rankings, you should look at the sentence below the High Impact – it says ‘Hard to Solve’.

If you’re wondering why Social Media is hard to solve, here’s the answer – just having a few posts is not the answer. It is a complete campaign that needs to be run in order for the efforts to have an impact on rankings. And that is why we’ve created a brand new campaign in ‘Social Media Management‘. If you look at the package, you will see that there is a lot of thought that has gone into its creation. We realized that most Social Media campaigns ignore the most important aspect of your social presence – your blog! So we started the package with that. We write blog posts, and use them as the base for your social media management campaign. Then we start with Social SEO, on top sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube.

If you read the description of the campaigns, you will also realize that these are not ‘fill them in’ packages where we just write content and post. According to us, the most important aspect of this campaign is the number of responses – which is what is measured by Social media trend software – and in turn, by Google.


Yes, we send in these reports weekly so you can monitor what’s being done.

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